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Dream Center Lake Elsinore (DCLE) – a Christian non-profit organization based in Southern California – was started eight years ago with a dream to restore and rebuild the people and property of Lake Elsinore physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Since almost the beginning, La Taza Community Coffeehouse has been an important part of the vision for DCLE. It’s a perfect way to create a space in our community where people could come together to connect and to see each other and to be seen.

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La Taza Community Coffeehouse will…

Bring the love of Jesus to the most prominent corner of downtown Lake Elsinore.

Provide sacred space for discipleship, relational evangelism, & racial reconciliation.

Beautify & uplift a historic property in our city.

There are people in Lake Elsinore who haven’t been in their countries for 20 years. I know they’re going to travel back to their countries just by reading the menu of La Taza.

Alicia Flores

Volunteer, Dream Center Lake Elsinore

A Unique


Located in the historic section of downtown Lake Elsinore, La Taza Community Coffeehouse will be a special place that brings pride to the community. The restoration project is designed to take into account the original beauty of the property: original wood floors, handmade decorative brickwork, and high ceilings and windows that harken back to the 1920s.

Additionally, the interior plan includes a community table that will invite groups to meet together and small, private nooks where people can focus.

Having worked in the coffee industry for twelve years, to be surprised by drinks I’ve never heard of… I’m excited!

Jeff Harrel

General Manager, La Taza Community Coffeehouse

One of the greatest things about Jesus is that he used discipleship: living and working with the people around him, teaching them new skills and giving them hope and a new life. We asked, “What would it look like if we used the coffee shop to hire people that have run out of hope and provide discipleship like Jesus?”

As part of our mission La Taza Community Coffeehouse is partnering with Joe Alvarez – Pastor at The Avenue in Riverside and our Coffee Pastor – to develop a training program that focuses on both workplace and life training. We want our team to not only know how to serve a great cup of coffee, but also how to live purposefully with compassion and love.

What would it look like for a Hispanic and Anglo community to build bridges and reconcile and get away from prejudice and racial divides? To share coffee together and love and see Christ at the center of that.

Joe Alvarez

Pastor, The Avenue Church

A Unique


A nonprofit coffee house is different because of the mission: building community. There are deeper roots and values that allow both the employees and customers to be a part of an incredible mission. Together we are doing something of great value for our community.

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Our goal is to raise the remaining funds in order to complete construction and prepare for a launch in Spring of 2024!

Please review the three Founding Partner tiers below and prayerfully consider how you might join in this incredible vision.

Remaining need

You also have the option to give monthly: Stakeholder (10 monthly gifts of $1,000), Builder (10 monthly gifts of 500), and Investor (10 monthly gifts of 250)

If you’d like to sponsor as a group of individuals, that would absolutely work… you’ll simply share the perks as a team.

We realize you’re not giving because of the perks! We simply want to recognize your commitment to seeing lives changed in our community.

In addition to financial donations, we are also accepting gifts-in-kind.

If you have coffee shop equipment or furniture -OR- if you have construction expertise or materials, we would love to hear from you!

About the

Dream Center

The Dream Center is a volunteer-driven organization that finds and fills the needs of individuals and families in our community. We do this by connecting isolated people to God and a community of support through regular service projects & neighborhood events, promoting freedom from life-controlling issues, offering practical life skills training, and fostering deep spiritual growth.

We work to meet people where they are at, to bring them hope and a way off the streets, out of poverty, and into self-sufficiency.

Brett & Aubrey Masters
Founding Pastors, Dream Center Lake Elsinore